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NATURAL BEAUTY - Yam Collagen Firming Essence 84A101-4B 30ml/1oz

NATURAL BEAUTY - Yam Collagen Firming Essence 84A101-4B 30ml/1oz

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Brand:Natural Beauty


Yam Collagen SeriesContains yam and peptide complex, the exclusive series for hormone imbalance or loss for middle age skin:1. Extract glycosides from Mexican wild yam, and soybean essence containing natural plant estrogen2. Abundant plantal DHEA is the basic substance for the hormone balance. It can effectively stimulate metabolism, skin repair, strengthen the function of sebum membrane, improve the moisturizing function of skin, and immediately improve dry and tight skinRevolutionary new formula:- Soluble collagen: replenish skin loss, repair damaged skin, make skin plump, firm, elastic and bright, like new born skin- Mexican wild yam: skin repair, co-function with other plant extracts to enhance “youthful” of skin from the root- Glacier seaweed: contain the active of glacier seaweed, which can accelerate cell renewal, keep skin tender and elastic, and keep skin young and healthy- Lecithin: promote cell regeneration and make skin smooth, delicate and shiny

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